GitHub Actions

Use Github Actions to compile & release SW6 plugins

Shopware offers the possibility to upload .zip files in the backend to install plugins. As an open source developer, the main way to distribute my plugins was to offer a composer command. However, not all Shopware installations (or webmasters) have the possibility to easily add extra dependencies through composer. To not have the hassle of creating the zip files manually, it’s possible to use Github Actions to automatically create it whenever you tag a new version....

 · 2 min · Rune Laenen
Advanced Banners (Digital Publishing) for Shopware 6

Digital Publishing for Shopware 6

Hi there 👋 The first blog post here is to announce the launch of the first stable (read ‘stable enough’) version of my Advanced Banners (a.k.a Digital Publishing) plugin for Shopware 6. It’s available for free on Github & packagist. Install and try it out yourself: composer require runelaenen/shopware6-advanced-banners Using Advanced banners, you can create layered, responsive banners without the need of technical knowledge or software like Photoshop. The plugin allows you to create content made out of layers of images, text, buttons, … from within the Shopware 6 backend....

 · 1 min · Rune Laenen