Rune Laenen

Shopware plugin manufacturer & freelancer

Advanced Banners for Shopware 6


Hi there 👋

The first blog post here is to announce the launch of the first stable (read ‘stable enough’) version of my Advanced Banners (a.k.a Digital Publishing) plugin for Shopware 6. It’s available for free on Github & packagist.

Install and try it out yourself:

require runelaenen/shopware6-advanced-banners

Using Advanced banners, you can create layered, responsive banners without the need of technical knowledge or software like Photoshop. The plugin allows you to create content made out of layers of images, text, buttons, … from within the Shopware 6 backend.

The plugin is heavily inspired by the Shopware 5 Digital Publishing plugin.


  • Banner editor
  • Layered banners
  • Image, text, wysiwyg layers
  • Easily extendible
  • ‘Advanced Banner’ CMS element
  • ‘Advanced Banner Slider’ CMS element

Are you using and liking this plugin? Make sure to give a star on Github and consider sponsoring me or buy me a coffee so I can keep justifying putting a lot of time in these free open source plugins.


New banner

Image layer configuration

Completed new banner in Shopware 6 Administration

Elements in Shopping Experience CMS

Elements result on storefront

Elements result on storefront with full width section